Doctor Love: Lonely and Straight

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Dr-LoveDear Doctor Love,
Over the past three years my neighbor and I have become very close. Some times he cooks for me and has dinner waiting when I get home. He also goes out and rents movies on DVD for us to watch. We have never had any physical relations because he is never quite sober and I refuse to be intimate with a drunken man. I finally called it to an end because even though he says he loves me, he has never been able to stop drinking. I do miss him a lot. What should I do?
/s/ Lonely

Dear Lonely,
Here is what to do. Call a restaurant and order dinner to take out. Stop by the movie rental place and rent your own DVDs. Doing this will stop you from the pain of being in a relationship with an alcoholic. It doesn’t matter if he is as rich as Bill Gates or as kind as Jesus, if he is an alcoholic you do not want to get caught up in the drama of his life.

Dear Doctor Love,
I grew up on this island smoking weed since I was about fourteen. I’m twenty-one now. I got into it because all my friends were using it and I would have felt left out if I didn’t join in. My family does not know I’ve used it. My parents would be frightened to know that I did. They have always trusted me and expected the best of me.
Last year one of my very good friends that I have hung out with all my life got arrested for possession in Belize City. It was only a little bit but he had to pay a big fine and it caused a lot of trouble for him. Since I never really cared for weed I decided to quit using it. Now I find it hard to be around my friends. Because I don’t smoke it makes me different from them and I don’t even drink beer as much anymore. They are not as funny and interesting as I they used to be.
What should I do?
/s/ Straight

Dear Straight,
You are already doing the right thing. What is happening to you is something called maturity. It’s all part of being a man, which your friends are not. Perhaps weed is not a killer drug like crack but it can still be a killer. It kills ambition and makes you lose the competitive edge that you need to be an adult.

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