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Doctor Love: Lonely but not a cheater


Dear Doctor Love,
My husband passed away three years ago, and I miss him terribly. Our kids are all grown up and have families of their own now. I can’t help but feel lonely and have thought about dating again. There is a nice man at our church who’s widowed as well…my problem is I feel like I am cheating on my dearly departed husband. What should I do?
/s/Lonely but not a cheater

Dear Lonely but not a cheater,
First, let me express my heartfelt condolences for your loss. Grieving is a deeply personal process, and it’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions, including loneliness, as you navigate through it. The fact that you’re considering dating again is a testament to the human capacity for resilience and the desire for companionship, both of which are natural and healthy aspects of life.
Feeling like you’re somehow being unfaithful to your husband by thinking about dating again is also a common sentiment among those who have lost a spouse. It’s important to remember, though, that seeking companionship and happiness doesn’t negate the love and memories you shared with your husband. Love isn’t a finite resource; it’s possible to cherish what you had while also opening your heart to new possibilities.
The decision to start dating again is deeply personal and varies from one individual to another. It might be helpful to reflect on what you believe your husband would want for you. Most partners wish for their loved ones to find happiness and not to be alone, even if they’re no longer here.
Regarding the nice man at your church, it sounds like you’ve found someone who might understand your journey, having experienced loss himself. Friendship could be a great starting point, providing mutual support and understanding as you both navigate this chapter of your lives. There’s no rush or pressure to define it beyond that unless you both feel a desire to explore further.
It might also be beneficial to reach out to a support group or a counselor who specializes in grief and loss. They can offer guidance and support as you consider these new steps. Opening up to close friends or family about how you’re feeling can provide additional perspectives and encouragement.
Remember, moving forward with your life doesn’t mean you’re leaving your husband behind. You’re honoring the love you shared by allowing yourself to seek happiness again. Trust your feelings, and take each step at your pace, with kindness and compassion for yourself during this tender time.
Wishing you peace and happiness on your journey, Dr. Love

Dear Doctor Love,
My wife and I visited Ambergris Caye for the first-time last month and fell in love with it. We are selling our house in California and moving there as soon as possible. We are retired and have two little dogs moving with us. Do you have any advice on what we should know before making a new home on the island? /s/ Island life, here we come

Dear Island life, here we come,
It’s awesome you’re diving into a new adventure on Ambergris Caye!
Jump into the community with an open heart. Learn from your new neighbors, share stories, and respect the local way of life. It’s the best way to truly belong.
Moving countries is a paperwork marathon. Make sure you’ve got your visas, pet importation documents, and any other necessary paperwork sorted. It’s a bit of a headache but worth it to avoid surprises later.
Find ways to contribute to the community. Whether it’s volunteering or supporting local businesses, it’s about making positive ripples in your new home.
Living on an island is different from a holiday. Things might move slower, and not everything is available at your doorstep. Embrace the slower pace and savor the simplicity—it’s part of the charm.
Every place has its quirks, and Ambergris Caye is no exception. Not every day will be perfect, but keeping a positive attitude will help you see the beauty in those imperfections.
Island life can be unpredictable. From weather changes to resource availability, staying adaptable will help you navigate these changes smoothly.
Remember, making Ambergris Caye your home is about embracing the journey, quirks and all. Take it one step at a time, and soon you’ll find your own rhythm in this beautiful slice of paradise.
Cheers to sunny days ahead, Dr. Love

Dear Doctor Love,
My neighbor’s baby cries constantly; I think she is a little over a year old. I hear the mommy talking rude to her and telling her to shut up and that she is a bad baby. It makes me sad that the mom is like that. I want to say something to her, but we are neighbors, and I don’t want a big fight. What should I do? /s/ Sad for baby

Dear Sad for baby,
It’s deeply troubling to witness moments where a child seems to be in distress and not receiving the emotional support they need. Your empathy and concern shine through in wanting to address this situation delicately, especially given the complexities of neighborly relationships.
Offering support rather than judgment can sometimes open doors. Stress or a lack of support can overwhelm parents, leading them to act out of frustration. If there’s an opportunity, showing understanding and extending a helping hand can make a significant difference. You might express your willingness to help or listen, emphasizing that it’s okay to seek support when things get tough.
Create a non-confrontational space for conversation. If you manage to speak with your neighbor, show your concern in a way that focuses on well-being and support rather than accusations. Sometimes, people aren’t aware of the resources available to them, and suggesting local parent support groups or family counseling services gently can be very helpful. Reach out to Hope Haven for contacts.
Being a friendly ear and observing the situation carefully can also provide insights into the challenges your neighbor might be facing. Building a rapport might encourage her to open up about her struggles.
However, if you believe the child is in immediate danger or is being neglected or abused, contacting child protective services or local authorities is important. It’s a difficult step but ensuring the child’s safety is paramount.
This situation requires sensitivity and care, aiming to ensure the well-being of the child while offering support to the parent. Your intention to approach this with kindness and concern is the right instinct.

Warmly, Dr. Love

Dear Doctor Love,
I always look at my boyfriend’s phone when he’s not looking, and I see he watches a lot of pornography. It’s just disgusting! I want to tell him I know, but then he will find out I am on his phone. I think it’s sick, and he should stop! /s/Not my thing

Dear Not my thing,
It sounds like you’re stuck between expressing your discomfort and revealing your own actions. It’s a delicate situation but navigating it with openness and honesty can strengthen your relationship in the long run.
Firstly, it’s understandable that discovering your boyfriend’s viewing habits has left you feeling unsettled. Everyone has their own boundaries and comfort levels when it comes to this topic. However, you need to approach this matter with a mindset that respects privacy and personal space. Snooping on your partner’s phone can breach trust, just as much as you feel your trust has been affected by his actions.
The best course of action? Open communication. It might be time to have a heart-to-heart, not starting with what you found, but with how you feel. You could say something like, “I’ve been feeling a bit distant lately and wanted to talk about what we both need to feel closer and more connected.” This opens up a dialogue about needs, boundaries, and respect without immediately pointing fingers.
Regarding the content he watches, it’s important to express your feelings without judgment. Explain why it makes you uncomfortable and discuss how both of you can address these feelings together. Remember, it’s about finding common ground and understanding each other’s perspectives.
Also, reflect on why you felt compelled to look through his phone. Is there a deeper issue of trust or communication that needs to be addressed? Navigating through sensitive issues like these isn’t easy, but it’s part of growing and strengthening your bond. Approaching this situation with honesty, understanding, and a readiness to listen to each other’s feelings and needs can lead to deeper intimacy and trust. Remember, it’s okay to seek outside help, like a couple’s therapist, if you find it challenging to address on your own. They can provide a neutral space for both of you to express your feelings and work towards a solution that respects both of your boundaries and comfort levels.
In the journey of love, it’s these moments of vulnerability and open communication that pave the way for a stronger, more connected relationship. You’ve got this.
Wishing you well, Dr. Love

Doctor Love is the islands, and possibly the world’s greatest authority on just about everything. The Doctor answers questions concerning any subject except religion or politics. Persons needing additional assistance or counseling should contact Family Services Division at 227-7541. The opinions herein are not necessarily of The San Pedro Sun. Write Doctor Love at PO Box 51, San Pedro Town, Belize, or email: [email protected]

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