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Doctor Love: Bad mommy


Dear Dr. Love,
I know it is bad to play favorites with your children and I feel really bad that I am guilty of doing so. I have three boys, and my middle son Rico just has a way of winning my heart. I let him get away with bad behavior that the other two would get lashed for, and even when he tells me a lie, I pretend it’s true. I just never want to see him sad or cry. My other sons know he’s my favorite and they pick on him about it. I need to change and be a better mommy but having a hard time. What can I do?
/s/ Bad mommy

Dear Bad mommy,
Ah, the joys of parenting, where guilt trips are complimentary, and kids come with their own unique set of challenges. Now, about Rico winning your heart – it’s like he’s got a VIP pass to your emotions, right? But remember, love isn’t a competition, it’s a team effort. Start by setting consistent boundaries for all your boys. Bring out your inner referee and even the playing field. And when Rico spins his tales, put on your detective hat and separate fact from fiction. Your other sons might tease, but with time, they’ll realize there’s enough love to go around. You’ve got this, Momma Bear! /s/ Dr. Love

Dear Dr. Love,
Is it possible to love two people at the same time? I am dating two different girls (they don’t know about each other) and I really need to break it off with one of them as the lie is getting hard to keep and I know it’s not fair to my girls…but I love them both, I really do! When I think about cutting things off with either one of them, I just can’t do it…am I weak or really in love with both. How can I choose?
/s/ Torn between two lovers

Dear Torn between two lovers,
Well, aren’t you caught in a romantic pickle! Loving two people simultaneously is like trying to juggle flaming torches – eventually, someone’s gonna get burned. It’s not weakness; it’s human nature to crave connection. Like I always say, honesty is the best policy. Break it off with one of them before you end up starring in your own soap opera. Take a deep breath, flip a coin if you have to, but remember, delaying the inevitable only makes the eventual fallout messier. Also please note that dating and being in a serious relationship are two different things. While dating it is perfectly normal to see more than one person. As long as you are honest and let them know you are not exclusive. /s/ Dr. Love

Dr. Doctor Love,
When I go out I like to look GOOD. I spend a lot of time and money on my make-up and clothes, and I always get the guys telling me I’m hot. My new boyfriend likes that I am pretty “arm candy” but gets mad when other guys make comments. I don’t mind it, it makes me feel good, by my man is getting more and more possessive and now tells me I dress too sexy when we go out. I don’t want to change; shouldn’t he just accept who I am?
/s/ Hot and not stopping

Dear Hot and not stopping,
While it’s great to feel like a million bucks, your man’s starting to feel like spare change. It’s not about changing who you are. Your man’s possessiveness might be not be a red flag, but it may be he feels like “Hey, I like my arm candy to myself, thank you very much.” So, it’s up to you if you want to tone down the sexy just a tad, and remind him that you’re his main squeeze. After all, who needs outside validation when you’ve got the real deal at home? /s/ Dr. Love

Dr. Love
My husband and I are separated. We share a business and a house. I decided to move out because I cannot be around him and his narcissistic ways. This means our daughter had to stay in our home with him until court matters settle. Why is it that even though I am the one paying the bills, the court let him stay? It makes no sense. Make it make sense. /s/unjust

Dear Unjust,
Ah, the never ending legal proceedings in Belize – where fairness is often a fair-weather friend. While it might feel like you’re carrying the weight of injustice on your shoulders, remember, the legal system dances to its own beat, often leaving us mere mortals scratching our heads. Keep your chin up and your lawyer on speed dial; justice might be blind, but it’s not deaf to a determined voice. Stay strong, and remember, even the longest night eventually gives way to dawn. /s/ Dr. Love

Dr. Love, I have always liked men; however, recently I feel like it just never goes well. Men are hard to deal with. I am thinking of becoming a lesbian. I like women; I’m just unsure I will be satisfied in the bedroom department. /s/Tiadaman

Dear Tiadaman,
Well, well, well, it sounds like you’re contemplating a change in the romantic scenery! But before you trade in your fishing rod for a different catch, remember, attraction isn’t limited by gender, it’s all about chemistry. Whether it’s men or women, what matters most is finding someone who you can share your life with. So, if you’re thinking of switching sides, go ahead, but just remember even same sex relationships can be challenging. Maybe you want to just be single for a while and focus on you. /s/ Dr. Love

Doctor Love is the islands, and possibly the world’s greatest authority on just about everything. The Doctor answers questions concerning any subject except religion or politics. Persons needing additional assistance or counseling should contact Family Services Division at 227-7541. The opinions herein are not necessarily of The San Pedro Sun. Write Doctor Love at PO Box 51, San Pedro Town, Belize, or email: [email protected]

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