Wolfe’s Woofer: The Money Drop Game

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

When I dropped the work crew off at the bar Juney said, “Mr. Dennis, It’s Friday. Come on in and have drink with us.”
“Yeh,” Gaby said, “It won’t hurt you. You hardly never have a drink with us.”
At the bar we took our seats and sat listening to a loud-mouth braggart at a nearby table talking about how much money he had.
“Back in the States I got a new Chevy pickup truck and a boat. I make more money in a month than most of my family makes in a year,” he said. “I sure am glad I moved to the U.S. For me, it’s all about the money.”
After fifteen minutes Mario said, “Mr. D., Lend me twenty dollars and I’ll shut this guy up.”
He changed the money into $1 bills and took his hat off and placed it on the table face up.
“O.K. Here we go,” Mario announced. “We’re playing the money drop game. I’ll start.”
He threw a $1 bill into the hat. Gaby said, “I’m in,” and dropped two bills in.
“I’ll see that little two dollars and double it,” Juney said, as he threw in four $1 bills.
“What’s up guys? What game are you playing?” asked the loud man from the next table.
Mario said, “It’s a game we play back my village. We put money in the hat and the one that holds out longest gets to keep all the money after he buys a round for the bar.”
“Can I play?”
The man dropped in a $5 bill. Mario followed with a $10.
The man pulled out a $20. He tossed it in and said, “Let’s see what you got.”
“You win,” Mario said. “When you buy the round make mine a rum and soda.”

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