Martin Dawson wins MMA title in Mexico

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coach and fighter, Martin Dawson, returned to the island as a champion after emerging victorious in a Jiu-Jitsu super fight in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Dawson, who is the founder of Pit Fighters training school in San Pedro Town took part in the Furia de Titanes MMA tournament held on Saturday, April 20th. The event also included kick-boxing, boxing, grappling and martial arts.
The event started shortly after 6:30PM and ended around midnight, with fights in different categories. The event was packed to capacity as many MMA fans convened around the cage to support their favorite fighters. There were fighters from different parts of Mexico, and Dawson was the only Belizean fighter.
Around 7:30PM, the main event of the evening began, featuring Dawson against his opponent, Mexican Julio Ramirez. The match was in the grappling discipline and was to last three rounds. Dawson shared with The San Pedro Sun that it was an intense match-up. He felt that the first minutes in the first round seemed to go on forever. However, to the delight of the crowd, five minutes into the fight, Dawson was able to subdue his opponent. He applied an oft-practiced technique that helped him overcome Ramirez, thus successfully forced him into submission. Dawson was then declared the winner and awarded with the championship’s belt.
Dawson is proud of this accomplishment in his relatively young career as a professional MMA trainer and competitor. He plans to defend his title in a possible rematch in August of this year. In the meantime, he indicated that he is working in organizing an MMA event in San Pedro Town for Saturday, May 18th, with championship fights featuring Belizean and international fighters.
In the meantime, Dawson invites all interested persons in the MMA sport to continue supporting the discipline that is slowly growing stronger on the island. He hopes to bring awareness about the sport beyond San Pedro and make it a national sports practice across the country. His training school offers classes based on kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. For more information, Dawson can be contacted at 605-2110.

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